Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Seattle Seahawks vs. New England Patriots

Brett has found a new love.....Football.  He loves to watch the game, play the game and track the stats of the players and teams in the game.  His all time favorite team is the New England Patriots and he loves to watch their wide receiver; Randy Moss.  Scott was able to acquire 2 tickets to last weeks game and took Brett to his first ever NFL game at Qwest field.  Brett's reaction to the tickets is one we will never forget.  My dad calls Brett the "old sheep dog".  He never gets riled up and is content to go along with whatever is dealt his way.  I told Scott not to expect a big reaction from Brett as he typically just shrugs his shoulders and says, "cool".  However when he saw the tickets he just stared in disbelief and then became very emotional.  When we gave Brett the tickets on Thursday he was battling a pretty nasty virus and was on his 2nd day home from school.  We asked him if he thought he would be well in time for the game and he just shook his head yes.  Scott and Brett caught the 9:30 ferry over to Seattle and walked up to Qwest field and went to "Touchdown City" in the Qwest event center.  They have all sorts of booths set up where you can run an obstacle course, throw footballs at a target and kick field goals.  Then they went into the field and watched the Patriots come out for their warm up.  The Seahawks played a great game and even though they lost, Brett had the time of his life.

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Alyson said...

So fun for them both...I love the "old sheepdog" comparison! I'm sure Brett will love to hear that when he's older! And when did he get so tall? Did that really just happen since I saw him in February?