Monday, November 14, 2011

The little Ghouls!!!

We started this Halloween by going to the trick-or-treat street at Breidablik.

What made the experience even better was watching Evalynn get dressed up and walk around with her little bag. At first she wasn't too sure about all the costumes and decorations, but as time went on she did just fine.

Our favorite place to go Trick-or-Treating is in Woods and Meadows aka - Hoods and Ghettos!! The neighborhood goes ALL out, decorating, handing out candy, and creating a fun atmosphere!! Over the years the neighborhoods decorations have evolved and they've begun adding fun haunted houses for the kids to enjoy!!

I have to make sure that when we go that my memory card is empty as it's very easy to snap a picture at each house. Unfortunately, the kids will only allow me a few pictures before they're tired of posing and just want to get on with the fun!! After we're done freezing to death (this year was exceptionally cold) we head back to one of our houses for a warm meal and hot chocolate - whip cream and all!!! It's definitely a fun tradition that the cousins share and enjoy the fun we have every year!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Easter 2011

I can't believe how long since I've updated my blog. It just doesn't seem like something I think about doing very often. As I was choosing pictures to put up I was having a hard time myself believing that this was my family!! They are all growing up so quickly it amazes me at how they have changed over the last year.