Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Hunt is On!!!

Every year our favorite part of Christmas is hunting down the perfect Christmas tree.  In years past we have hunted in sun, snow and rain.  It doesn't really matter what the weather is, we're just out to cut down our tree.  This is a family tradition that we have done since Taylor was 2 years old.  This year we went to a new tree farm and as soon as we got out of the car snowflakes began falling.  It was fun walking through the tree farm with the snow coming down.  We finally found our perfect tree and realized that Christmas was just a few short weeks away.

Once we finally find our tree Scott in years past has cut our tree down. Now that the boys are getting a little older, they love to take a turn at trying to use the saw. Scott usually has to give a little muscle power towards the end. But all in all, they do pretty good. I think Adam's favorite part is yelling........TIMBER!!!

Then off to the truck we go. It's always fun to drag the tree down the hill. One of our favorite memories was Scott's dad dragging the tree down the hill one year. He had the trunk and Brett was about 3 or 4 years old and he was holding the top of the tree. Scott's dad was walking a little fast for Brett's little legs and Brett fell but would not let go of his tree so he was literally being dragged down the hill while still holding on to the tree and yelling for Papa to stop. We were all laughing so hard that we couldn't get the words out to say anything.

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