Monday, October 26, 2009

Taylor's 1st Homecoming Dance

Taylor came home one day and announced that she was asked to the Homecoming dance. She was so excited to buy her first dress. I have to admit that I was dreading the experience. How many dresses would she try on, how many different stores, how much would it cost. We walked into JC Penney's and she looked up on the manequin, saw the dress, tried it one and $29.99 and 1/2 hour later we were done!

She went with a very nice boy named Jordan. I wish I would have brought my video camera to capture the moment when Taylor, my mom, me and my dad all attempted to pin the boutinnere on Jordan. He was a very good sport and even laughed when the bud of the rose popped off and rolled down the parking lot. Luckily there was a wedding reception going on and my dad ran inside and found some floral wire and fixed it. You can't even tell!!!


Alyson said...

Super cute...and I love the purple/black color combo. Very Halloween-y! I just can't believe she's old enough to go to a dance with a boy. We're getting old my friend, that's all I can say!

Johnene and Family said...

Taylor, you look beautiful! Love the dress, but I am a shoe girl, and those are GREAT! Cute date, too! Hang in there, M&D :)